Tiger by the Tail produces wild, bold and beautiful flowers for weddings, private events and unique occasions. 


Founded in November 2016 by Jess Burling, Tiger by the Tail was created with a simple philosophy: to offer something fresh and different.

Different flowers, a different service, and a different approach.


Things that make you go "oooh"

Tiger by the Tail only produces arrangements that include carefully selected flowers from a rich and varied colour palette. I pride myself on my unique and bold style, and I aim to create pieces that truly stand out. What’s more I'm passionate about what I produce, so if I don't love it then it doesn’t go out the door.

Trust me, I’m (not just) a florist

Well I am, but I haven’t always been. Before I stepped into the world of floral design, I gained more than seven years’ experience working in the creative marketing industry, helping brands to connect better with people and really understand their customers’ needs. This means that Tiger by the Tail prides itself on client servicing; so whether I'm designing a huge event installation or creating a tiny bridal buttonhole, each arrangement and every customer is treated with the same care and attention.

Let’s stay together

Nowadays, everyone will tell you they offer a ‘bespoke consultation service’ for your big day or private event. But what does that really mean? At Tiger by the Tail it means I don’t just talk to you about flowers. I get to learn about the songs you love, the colours you hate, your upcoming holiday and your nightmare boss. I’ll see the process through from the very beginning to the very end, and promise to fill you with confidence and reassurance along the way. I'm your florist, your agony aunt, and your sounding board; and I’ll more than likely do it all over a brew (or something stronger).


Say goodbye to middle-of-the-road bouquets and tired arrangements, and hello to wild, bold and beautiful flowers.


Jess, Owner and Director (and Chief Tiger Trainer) x